We produce our CL4 and CL4 superior poles under the CTB B+ certificate. This certificate, with independent external controls, guarantees a true Class 4 treatment.

The choice of pine and impregnation in France, enables to have approved products, respectful of the environment, without boron, without arsenic, without chrome. The negative impact on the environment is considerably reduced.

We have set up a unique research laboratory in France to optimize the injection: the quality and the life span of the stakes directly depend on it.


France Bois Impégnés offers winegrowers and arboriculturists, a wooden stake impregnated according to the criteria required for line poles, with a 15-year collateral damage insurance extended to crops.

If stakes are attacked by rot and/or insects and cause damage to the crops, the insurance covers this damage.

This is a real double innovation in treated pine stake.

15 years of guaranteed life and extended coverage to crops*.

*(Subject to an installation in accordance with the recommendations of our treatment supplier)