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France Bois Imprégnés located in Boisset les Montrond (42) is the first French producer of electricity and telecommunication lines poles. As a subsidiary of the MOULINVEST group, the company uses quality wood from sustainably managed forests. It can thus guarantee a French production of quality with respect for the environment: the treated wood is certified by the French and European standards (CE, PEFC, CTB B+, ISO 9001, …)

France Bois Imprégnés employs 75 people and processes 100,000 m3 of wood each year, for a turnover of 15 million euros (10% of which in the export sector). As a guarantee of quality and reliability, many big names have chosen the treated wood of France Bois Impégnés: EDF, Orange, but also material dealers, equestrian centers, stud farms, …


To guarantee the durability of its woods, France Bois Imprégnés selects its species and only offers wood certified CTB-BOIS+ (except for privacy screens, trellises and certain planters). This certification is issued by the FCBA technological institute (Forêt Cellulose Bois / Construction Ameublement).


France Bois Imprégnés has ten autoclaves to carry out wood custom-made injections. The treatment products used correspond to the class of use of the wood. They protect the wood against biological attacks (fungus and insects including termites) and against accelerated aging in humid or difficult environments.

France Bois Imprégnés can carry out several types of treatments:

– M1 fireproof injection, on different thicknesses

– Autoclave treatment, custom-made injection for different grades

– Treatment of cuts, on different levels

The company is developing new product ranges: arboriculture and viticulture, equestrian range, custom-made injection, line poles.